Items to do Grand Canyon Riding Helicopters from Las Vegas to West Rim

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If you're organizing to go to Las Vegas, make sure you incorporate a Grand Canyon West Rim helicopter tour. You will discover three kinds of flights from which to select, and I'm pretty sure that there is a trip that is just correct for you.
The most basic could be the classic air tour. It primarily flies to West Rim and back. It is possible to upgrade this trip to contain tickets for the Grand Canyon Skywalk or to land at the bottom of the canyon. Here's a closer look at every single of your these West Rim helicopter tours:

Air Tour

The perfect canyon sampler. Includes a ton of West Rim highlights, like Eagle Point, Guano Point, the Skywalk, and also the Colorado River. Upgrade to contain a flight over the fabulous Las Vegas Strip around the return. Most tour operators offer sunrise and sunset flights.

Grand Canyon Skywalk Tour

Land in the new Grand Canyon West airstrip. Enter the Skywalk and be ready to stroll 70 feet past the edge and to become lifted some four,000 feet above the mighty Colorado River. Get pleasure from a BBQ lunch. Take a absolutely free shuttle to all crucial viewpoints. Explore a standard Hualapai Indian Village.

Bottom-Landing Tour

Canyon carve 4,000 feet downwards to the base of the canyon. Hop off the chopper. Take pleasure in a Champagne toast below an authentic Indian Ramada. Browse the canyon's primordial floor. Upgrade to incorporate an fascinating pontoon boat ride down Colorado River.

These all-inclusive helicopter tours involve cost-free shuttle service to all important Las Vegas Strip hotels. The Skywalk and bottom-landing trips come with lunch in addition to a qualified and knowledgeable pilot-guide. Prices on the internet for these packages start about $230 per person.

Heli tours depart from the Vegas area. Flight plans assure you'll also see Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, and also the spectacular Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Bridge. These sights are a major bonus for heli travelers, in particular offered that choppers fly at reduce altitudes than planes, therefore giving you terrific bird's eye views of those landmarks.

I strongly recommend that you book your Las Vegas helicopter tour ahead of time. Peak season is spring and summer time and low season is winter. Flights are limited, common, and sell out speedily, especially sunrise and sunset tours. If you book a flight the day ahead of you program to go or on the exact same day, expect to spend a premium.

Often get your flights online. I've observed wonderful specials on the net that take nearly 35 % off the rack rate. I personally do all my reservations on the internet and have by no means had any SNAFU's regarding credit-card transactions.

Grand Canyon helicopter tours for the West Rim are full of thrills and adventure. The West Rim is home for the Grand Canyon Skywalk, and it is the only spot where you could land in the bottom of your Grand Canyon and take an optional boat ride down the Colorado River. If you are looking to get a Grand Canyon encounter that comes using a massive "wow" factor, book a helicopter flight. It's an activity which will make this Las Vegas trip magical.





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